Without Zoom and Flash: Roskachestvo Told How to Achieve the Perfect Photo on a Smartphone

First of all, Sergey Kuzmenko advised to experiment and tries all the settings.

An expert explained how to take a perfect shot on a smart phone

Our smartphones are purposefully trying to take over the functions of large cameras, but they have not yet fully replaced them. There are a lot of settings for the main camera that affect the quality of images. And to get perfect photos, you need to use these functions correctly.

And yet, internal parameters are only half the victory. Often the quality of a photo depends on external factors – lighting, movement in the background, light diffusion.

Therefore, according to Sergey Kuzmenko, senior specialist in testing digital products of Roskachestvo, it is impossible to tell exactly, point by point, which settings should be used for the perfect picture?

You just need to experiment: change ISO values, play with white balance, try macro photography, and, in general, whatever your gadget can do.

But still, there are some general tips, of course. Try to use the flash to a minimum – because of it, the color rendition deteriorates or colors are generally distorted, as well as unnecessary details stand out.

Learn to use and always use focus, because on some smartphone models it is only possible manually.

Try not to use zoom – it becomes the cause of a violation of clarity and sharpness and, of course, keep the camera clean, writes RIA Novosti.

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