With Short-Term Improvements: Seven Symptoms of Lingering Coronavirus Named

This course of the disease carries the risks of extensive organ damage.

To the hospital for a long time

British doctors named seven symptoms by which one can judge that the patient will have to fight the coronavirus for a long time. It is noted that this applies not only to those who were hospitalized but also to those undergoing treatment at home.

Doctors have determined that the symptoms of the lingering coronavirus include fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, and depression, increased heart rate, chest pains, muscle, and joint pain, and an inability to think clearly or concentrate – the so-called brain fog.

The danger of the course of the disease, accompanied by such symptoms, carries the risks of extensive organ damage. Experts warned that such “effects” can easily undermine health.

The main trick of the “lingering” COVID-19 is that the patient may experience short-term improvements in the condition, but then the disease may progress again, according to a study by the British Heart Foundation.

Earlier, Doctor Andrei Penkov called the most dangerous day for patients with coronavirus. It is at this moment, according to the specialist, that it is important to hospitalize the patient.

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