Who Are You: How Your Industry Affects Your Sex Life

Find out what negative factors can nullify sexual desire


Our sexual activity directly depends on external circumstances, whether we want it or not. Our active life in the city, especially work activity, can have an extremely negative effect on libido, which we subsequently have to fight with the help of psychologists and sexologists. We decided to find out how this or that profession can affect your intimate life, and what to do if work interferes with your personal life.

Hazardous chemicals

As you might guess, working in such conditions negatively affects not only the reproductive system but also the body as a whole. Small failures in one of the systems can lead to negative consequences at the most unexpected moment. Toxic fumes primarily affect the respiratory system, enter the bloodstream and start destructive processes; in such conditions, one should not even be surprised why sexual desire begins to gradually weaken until it disappears completely – the body is completely busy fighting chemicals. There is only one way out of the situation – if you understand that after a couple of months after starting work you begin to experience difficulties not only in the bedroom but also in everyday life in general, think about changing activities while you have the opportunity to quickly recover.


Maximum mental activity

Most often, programmers and people engaged in serious mental work, such as scientists, are susceptible to problems in sexual terms. As a rule, these people are completely devoted to work, which cannot be called simple, they begin to build logical chains not only in their office, but also during communication with the opposite sex, and they do not allow feelings to take over, which is not very useful for intimate communication. If you recognize yourself in the description, try to distinguish between work and personal life – treat contacts with people, especially with the opposite sex, a little easier, allow yourself to relax a little.

Physical stress

Many experts are sure that vigorous physical activity negatively affects the genitourinary system; there may be several factors – from a large difference in temperatures to the use of all kinds of stimulants if we are talking about athletes. In addition, high physical activity is almost always accompanied by stress,

This is probably the most negative factor for sexual life because sex hormones are very sensitive to fluctuations in cortisol. Try to avoid extreme stress, hypothermia, and any other situation that will make your partner suffer from a lack of passion in your relationship. Be attentive to your condition.

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