“We Will All Spend the 21st Year Wearing Masks”: Myasnikov on the New Peak Of Coronavirus

The expert noted that “the wave will now go down”, after which there will be several calm months.

Myasnikov warned Russian that 2021 will be masked

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov predicted a new peak of the coronavirus epidemic.

“For the next year, we will have to live with these peaks, so to speak. They will be, I say again, in May, they will be next November. It’s clear. We need to prepare, “the doctor said in a conversation with the host Vladimir Solovyov during the Full Contact show.

Myasnikov noted that “the wave will now go down,” after which there will be several calm months. He stressed that it is important to take advantage of the quiet time.

“I’ll tell you this: for the 21st year we will all be wearing masks. There are no questions, no matter what you say, “concluded the expert.


Earlier, Myasnikov criticized the treatment regimen for coronavirus infection, which is actively used by some doctors.

According to the list posted on his Instagram, therapy includes two types of antibiotics, blood thinners, dietary supplements, the antimalarial drug “Hydroxychloroquine” and other drugs.

The specialist explained how to be treated for the new coronavirus. According to him, he and his colleagues are faced with the fact that those infected are too emotional about the disease and are trying to use everything at once, while COVID in 90% is a common acute respiratory disease.

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