“We Ourselves Know That They Are Fools”: Muceniece Regrets That She Did Not Save Her Marriage with Priluchny

The actress does not hesitate to speak openly about the pain.

Both fools Muceniece regrets

Now Agata Muceniece is going through difficult times. The actress is still moving away from a divorce from Pavel Priluchny and rumors about his new romance.

The star does not want to remember the painful breakup but does not shy away from questions about it. She recently discussed an important topic for herself with Raisa Ryazanova. The People’s Artist became a guest of the “Honest Divorce” YouTube show.

Expressing her opinion, Ryazanova admitted that she considers both Agatha and Pavel to be fooled because they did not save the marriage.

In an interview with 7days, Muceniece noted that she was not offended by her colleague’s harsh words, considering them fair.

“We ourselves know that they are fools. I completely agree with her. I analyze a lot and do work on errors. It does not happen that someone is to blame. Both are fools, really! “- shared the actress.

Earlier, rumors appeared on the Web that Priluchny dreams of returning his ex-wife but does not know how to do it. They only made Agatha laugh.

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