Valery Leontiev Lost 8 Kilograms

The singer showed off his figure in Dubai


Singer Valery Leontyev rarely attends the social events of the capital. The artist spent almost the entire pandemic in the United States, where he has his own mansion in Miami. He recently returned to Moscow to work at a studio, and from there he flew to Dubai. Leontyev was unrecognizable, the 71-year-old singer, who was always in athletic form, lost a lot of weight.

The director of the artist Boris Chigirev admitted to Star Hit that the artist first gained a little weight, and then dropped 8 kilograms. “There is no secret diet, Valery Yakovlevich goes in for sports every day, eats right, tries to comply with the regime,” said the director of the singer.


After a working trip to Dubai, Valery Leontyev returned to America, but by December he will again come to his homeland, where the artist is scheduled to shoot for New Year. The singer’s fees on New Year’s holidays reach 80-100 thousand euros for a 40-minute performance, but Leontyev prefers not to work on New Year’s Eve.

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