Tina Kandelaki: “I Got Better, What Should I Do?”

The TV presenter posted a photo with a double chin and a sagging waist, but fans did not believe her


Journalist and TV presenter, head of the central sports TV channel Tina Kandelaki suddenly published a photo in her personal microblog, where she clearly put on weight and size – the star has a double chin, and her waist “floated”. Despite her chubby feminine forms, the socialite still looks stylish in a blue dress, like the famous Melania Trump outfit.


But the fans did not dare to believe that from now on Kandelaki is promoting body positivity. They suspected an obvious catch in this publication – perhaps Kandelaki decided to use an application that adds weight to the photo. Most of the subscribers noticed that this image is quite consistent with Ksenia Sobchak’s ideas about what Tina should be – former friends recently exchanged compliments in absentia about Kandelaki’s weight.

Either way, followers are eagerly awaiting the development of the plot. After all, Kandelaki is known for her fanatical commitment to sports and healthy eating. If the TV personality really got so fat, then the reason will surely turn out to be a sensation.

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