The Result Is On the Face: A Friend of Priluchny’s Reported New Details of a Fight in a Kaliningrad Club

The last time a businessman spoke with a friend was on the eve of the operation.

Pavel Priluchny

A Kaliningrad friend of Pavel Priluchny told reporters the details of the conflict in a local club with the star. As businessman Ilya Vasiliev noted, a fight in the Zavod club did take place, as a result of which the actor was injured.

The entrepreneur said that the severity of the injuries will have to be assessed by the police and doctors.

A friend of actor Pavel Priluchny, businessman Ilya Vasiliev, reported the details of the conflict with the participation of the artist.

“I think that having seen the result on his face the morning after the incident, Pavel decided to immediately contact his attending doctors in Moscow, so he promptly went to the capital,” Ilya Vasiliev said.

Also, the star’s comrade noted that Priluchny was not alone in the club that evening. He went there, as Vasiliev suggested, seeing the new location for the filming of the film.

Ilya also does not exclude that the actor ended up in the club at the invitation of someone, but these are only his personal guesses,

At the same time, the day before the guests of the Kaliningrad club, where Pavel Priluchny was injured, told the details of the fight. The version, according to which the artist contacted someone from the local, is confirmed.

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