The Only Way: How to Identify Lung Damage with a “Corona” Without Symptoms

According to the specialist, in some patients, lung damage may not be accompanied by symptoms.

How to recognize lung damage

It is known that one of the features of coronavirus is lung damage, which is sometimes very rapid. According to the expert, lung damage can develop without characteristic signs.

Alexei Agranovsky, the doctor of biological sciences and professor at Moscow State University, believes that in some patients, lung damage can resolve without disturbing symptoms.

“And I just hope that the degree of damage will be small,” says the specialist.

Computed tomography is the only way to recognize lung damage in asymptomatic disease. But, according to the expert, with a mild form or if the symptoms do not appear at all, you should not require hospitalization.

As Agranovsky said in an interview with , the excessive burden on healthcare from patients who can stay at home threatens that doctors will not be able to help in cases where the intervention of professionals is really necessary.

Earlier, a method was named that will help reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. The experts also spoke about the deadly complications faced by those who have already had the “crown”.

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