“Spanish Shame”: Miloslavskaya Explained Why the Same Scene in the Film “Text” Is Needed

Stasya described her feelings while watching the sensational picture.

The actress revealed the meaning of

In a recent issue of the YouTube project “Georgy Za Kadrom”, 25-year-old Russian actress Stasya Miloslavskaya answered the main questions about herself and contemporary Russian cinema.

In a conversation about which film Miloslavskaya would not have starred in, the girl said that she was ready to play any role.

According to her, she carefully reads the script in advance and if some spicy scene seems to her unnecessary, meaningless, she will boldly tell the director about it.

Of course, during the interview, we also talked about the most scandalous Russian film of recent years – “Text”.

Stasya remembered the bed scene with the participation of Christina Asmus and Ivan Yankovsky and said that she experienced “Spanish shame” while watching it.

However, this episode does not seem irrelevant to the actress. On the contrary, this intimate scene is absolutely essential in the film.

“I am completely sure that that bed scene with Christina Asmus and Vanya Yankovsky is necessary for this film and in such a dirty, honest format.

The feeling of awkwardness that all viewers experienced, from the fact that you spy on someone else’s life, Spanish shame is the most correct feeling. But not all spectators were ready for this, “Miloslavskaya reflected.

The girl also condemned the moralists, who criticized Christina Asmus after the release of the film.

“I, on the contrary, admire her courage, the fact that she agreed. This scene is really needed, “concluded Stasya.

Stasya Miloslavskaya in the

By the way, on “Text” the bold roles of Christina Asmus did not end there. Later, in the film by Alexei Uchitel “Kitboy”, the ex-wife of Garik Kharlamov tried on the role of an online model.

On big screens, the 32-year-old actress appears in stockings and a corset and, according to the plot, has to flirt with the main character.

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