Slimness and Vigor: 3 Autumn Rules That Are Useful For both Body Shape and Mood

Our recommendations will help you become the best version of yourself in a month


The off-season traditionally becomes a reason for the blues. There are objective reasons for this: the days are getting shorter, lack of sunlight leads to a bad mood, and temperature drops lead to stress and loss of energy. It is important to understand that all of the above is normal and natural. But not necessarily. Just in the fall, your body needs additional support. By the way, we are talking not only about health and mood but also about the figure. Remember how often you tried to paint the gray outside the window with a cup of tea and chocolate or a glass of wine? If such methods change your mood, then only for a short time – exactly until the moment when the New Year’s dress will have to be chosen one size larger. Therefore, it is better to help yourself not one-time, but systemically – and then autumn will become a time of transformation for you.


Rule # 1

Sleeping mode. We have all heard about it, but few people practice it – and in vain. In the off-season, it is very important for our body to have time to recover overnight. Therefore, you should go to bed at 22: 00-23: 00. It is at this time that the sleep hormone melatonin begins to be generated, which is responsible for lowering the temperature and activates the body’s recovery processes. However, it stands out only in complete darkness. Note that melatonin not only slows down the aging process in the body and reduces stress levels, but also reduces body fat. Therefore, sleep is really important, especially in the fall. And don’t forget to hang blackout curtains in your bedroom – the less light there is in the room in which you sleep, the more melatonin will be produced.


Rule # 2

Physical activity Yes, lower temperatures and drizzling rain do not always inspire feats in a fitness club, and even more so on outdoor training grounds, but doctors agree that it is still necessary to engage in sports to combat the lack of sunlight. It is the movement that promotes the release of the hormones of joy – endorphins and dopamine, which are in great deficit in the fall. You can also train at home. Even exercising on a regular basis will bring results. By the way, nothing stimulates a sense of self-esteem like a workout performed in spite of all the circumstances.


Rule # 3

Food, of course. It may sound trite, but in the fall, our diet must change. The reason is the same: a lack of sunlight, which causes a vitamin D deficiency, threatening a prolonged blues, and a slowdown in metabolic activity – hello, extra pounds. Therefore, be sure to include in your diet the top 3 products you need in the fall:

– Oily sea fish;

– Cod liver;

– Seaweed.

These foods are high in vitamin D and iodine, which can help compensate for seasonal deficiencies. It is important to remember: if you decide to replace natural products with food additives with a similar composition, then you must first pass tests and consult a doctor.

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