Scientists Have Found a Link between Eye Color and Alcoholism

Eye color can also indicate a tendency for various diseases.

It is necessary to look in eyes

Eye color can indicate a predisposition to various diseases, including even alcoholism. This relationship was found by scientists at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine.

As the specialists found out during the study, people with dark brown and black eyes may have problems with blood, metabolism, and breathing. But the risk of skin and eye cancer is minimal. And brown-eyed people have a low pain threshold.

But those with green eyes, on the contrary, have a high pain threshold, and they rarely suffer from depression. But the skin can be very sensitive to the sun.

Gray-eyed and blue-eyed also have high sensitivity to ultraviolet light. And it is these people who are more prone to alcohol dependence than others, adds Freundin, citing a study published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B.

Earlier, the ophthalmologist talked about why you should not change your eye color with contact lenses. In some cases, lenses distort perception, and wearing them can be seriously damaging.

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