Not On My Own: How to Explain To Your Partner That You Don’t Want Sex

We are trying not to offend the man and not provoke a scandal


Any woman knows how much a man can be offended by a simple refusal to have sex, having come up with a thousand reasons that have nothing to do with reality. The problem is that many women refuse incorrectly, generating doubts in the soul of a man about his own attractiveness for his woman. We decided to collect the most effective tips that will help to gently explain to a man that tonight will not be languid.

Check the time

You should not respond to a man’s proposal: “No, I don’t want to” – this is too cruel. A man will think that offering later is just as pointless because you still refuse. Or the partner may react extremely aggressively. Give a reprieve; for example, say that you will definitely please him tomorrow or at any other time. A man will stop winding himself up at this point.

No rudeness

We continue to follow peaceful tactics and avoid any scandals, even in the bud. In order not to provoke a conflict, give up rudeness and categorical tone – men often react very aggressively in response. The worst thing is to point out the shortcomings of a man or start making fun of him, probably there is no better way to ruin a relationship. Control your emotions.

Do you have an alternative?

A great way not to give up sexual contact, but at the same time to avoid sex in the classic sense. Often this happens at that unpleasant moment when a partner’s sexual interest wakes up at the very peak of your menstrual cycle when a woman thinks about sex last. Why not try to limit yourself to manual sex and oral sex? Rarely does a man resent this.

Tell us about your plans in advance

As a rule, by agreeing to a romantic evening, we ourselves give hope to the man. Why not warn him in advance, making a weighty argument in favor of just a good evening in pleasant company, but not spilling over into a passionate night. It is important here not to overact, but to honestly say why today you should not expect intimacy, otherwise, a man may take your refusal for part of the game, and your resistance can provoke extremely negative feelings of a partner.

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