Nadine Serowski Shared the Rules Of How to Do Everything When You Are a Mom In 2020

A millionaire blogger, the mother of two children, told about how she brings up her heirs


The question of how to do everything has worried people for a long time. And not only moms, not only in 2020. But nevertheless, every year it becomes more and more relevant precisely for young mothers, who now more often not only devote their whole life to the child and stay at home, but also work and are engaged in some kind of development of their personality. So, the more acutely this problem of “being in time for everything” is raised, the more it is discussed, the more different opinions arise. But I will share with you exactly those things that help me to manage to do everything planned. I also have a family, a husband, and two kids. I have a job, my Instagram, which requires maximum attention. And there are many other activities that must be combined with all this.


Make sure to schedule the day. It can be any convenient format for you, both a diary and notes or any applications on the phone. At the end of the week, add all the planned events that you will build on for the week ahead. Then, as other things appear, start adding them to the schedule. But it is very important that you need to schedule not only work and meetings but also time for food, feeding the baby, rest, walking with the child, etc. You have to write everything down in detail and by the hour. Only when everything is spelled out, your affairs will not move anywhere and nothing will fly.

Schedule for the month

It is convenient if, in addition to the daily schedule, you also have a monthly calendar somewhere where some global events and holidays are marked. It is better that it hang somewhere in a conspicuous place, and it does not have to be a plain clerical calendar. There are so many different designer and stylish wall calendars now that will only add charm to your home. So, celebrate their big trips, birthdays of friends and family meetings. Perhaps you have some business with your child, but only next month, mark them there. So that you can be guided in advance by important global events in life. And make plans based on them.

Don’t refuse help.

Often mothers, wanting to spend all their free time with the child, refuse any help. It is very important to understand that you are not a sorceress, and if during the period of the decree you also work, develop, etc., then you should not avoid offers of help from loved ones. If your parents want to take a child for the weekend, let them. You can devote this time to yourself and relax, or arrange a romantic date with your husband, there are many options. If his godmother offers to take a walk with him in order to relieve you a little, you should also not say “no”. With a couple of hours a week without you, he won’t forget who his mom is.


You need to prioritize your schedule and plans. You will not be able to manage everything in this world, no matter how beautifully you own time management. Think about what is more important for you now, and what may move for a while. Firstly, you are a mother, and this is a priority for you, which means that you allocate the largest chunk of your time to this. Secondly, you are, for example, a blogger, and without your attention to the blog, the audience will simply leave. And this is the loss of a blog and the loss of a job. Accordingly, you also give him most of the remaining time. Thirdly, you, for example, have long wanted to pass on the license. But now you do not have a car, studying takes a long time. This means that it can be postponed for a year or two, we will return to this later, since now other matters are more priority.

Feel yourself.

If you understand that you are tired, rest. If you understand that “something is wrong,” stop and think it over. We very often run, capturing a thousand and one activities in our life, because “it is necessary”. What for? If you don’t like something, give it up or change. Without rest and discomfort, you will not achieve good results in one of the areas: not in motherhood, not in work, or in your personal life. Therefore, try to approach everything as consciously as possible, learn to feel, and love yourself first of all.

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