Lorak Decided To Starve In the Evenings For The Sake Of Concert Outfits

The singer gained weight during self-isolation


A fresh photo of Ani Lorak on her personal Instagram page aroused the admiration of fans – a black leather dress up to her knees emphasized all the advantages of her slim and feminine figure. However, according to the artist herself, during the quarantine period, she, like many, gained extra pounds.

“Now I am dropping them, I am actively working on myself. During self-isolation, I also tried to keep myself in shape. I regularly went in for sports, but the refrigerator is nearby, “said the pop diva. “I had a little bit in the evening, after seven. Chips, cookies, different – I could not resist, “any quotes pakalert.online. As a result, the performer realized: if this continues in the future, then she will no longer fit into concert outfits.

“That is why I went on a … hunger strike! I now try not to eat after six in the evening, “said Lorak. And after seven in the evening, she decided to give up food altogether and use only water. “And I’m waiting for the concerts to start. Because there is nothing to replace the load on the stage. I hope we will be allowed to perform soon. Because it’s very hard for all of us without spectators, “the celebrity complained.

Lorak also remembered that the only time she recovered greatly was associated with the birth of her daughter Sofia in 2011 – then she gained 15 kilograms at once.

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