In What Outfits to Celebrate the New Year 2021 to Appease the Bull

Clairvoyant Kazhetta shared her advice with readers


2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Bull. On this holiday, white, gray (aka silver) and blue colors should prevail around us in order to attract good luck, prosperity, and health. Choose the color of the outfit according to your wishes.

Gray, silver

This noble and elegant color embodies the element of metal, which is very important for this holiday. It is believed to be a calming, soothing color that inherently lacks passionate energy. But this calming effect can sometimes be very helpful. Sharpness, accuracy, clarity, and understanding of the situation are the energetic properties of gray and silver colors, so if these qualities are not enough for you, choose outfits of these colors.


It has a beneficial effect and also relieves the feeling of loneliness. If you want to calm down and cheer up in the New Year, pay attention to this color. Aqua is a color that energizes us with positive energy when we suffer from chronic stress or fatigue. The five elements of the Chinese horoscope (metal, water, wood, fire, and earth) are combined with five colors (white / silver, black, green, red, and brown).



White is associated with business as well as health and social relations. It is a color that brings peace, peace and relaxation. It is recommended to celebrate in white if you feel depressed, hot-tempered, or anxious. White will help get rid of delusions, find the right path to development.

When you decide on the color, all that remains is to choose an outfit in accordance with the format of the event you are at. And even more, you can win over the symbol of the coming year with the help of the right gifts, which are no less important than the outfit.

It’s great if the gift is metal, because, in the year of the Metal Ox, such a present can become a real talisman! As for the direction, the Ox, as a hardworking symbol of the year, will appreciate gifts that can be useful in work. Bulls love and value friendship very much, so it will not be superfluous to write to your friends some pleasant parting words for the coming year on postcards and attach them to gifts.

The bull is a very peaceful animal, so you should not give weapons and souvenirs that carry the energy of the struggle. Even the lettering on the T-shirts you donate should convey a peaceful message. Gifts with sharp ends and cutting edges should be excluded. The priority will be natural fabrics and materials such as cotton, silk, and others, but keep in mind that there is no need to give products made of natural fur or leather on this holiday. Do not upset the owner of the coming year. Images of other animals will also not be to the liking of the metal Bull.

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