“Immune Layer 25%”: The Peak Incidence of Coronavirus Predicted

The expert noted that herd immunity grows even without a vaccine.

immune layer 25%

The peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia and in the world will be in the next two to three months. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the Institute of Human Stem Cells Artur Isaev.

“The immune layer is growing. There is a chance that today is about 25%. Another couple of months the incidence rate at such a rate and I think that the layer will reach 25-40%,” Isaev said.

The expert noted that with the help of vaccination, it will be possible to achieve a layer of 60 percent, and in the spring the epidemic will decline. Artur Isaev said that now the immune layer is growing even without vaccination, and this is a good sign, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Earlier, the American-Australian group of scientists found a nation that has historically developed immunity to various coronaviruses. The inhabitants of East Asia formed special proteins 25 thousand years ago. They had a unique set of 42 proteins specific to coronaviruses.

The rest of the people of the planet were much less fortunate. But those who have already been ill receive immunity resistant to coronavirus mutations. For six months after the illness, the former “corona” patients are immune to various manifestations of the new type of coronavirus.

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