“I Strongly Doubt It”: Konchalovsky Spoke about the Perception Abroad Of His Film, Nominated For an “Oscar”

The picture tells about the Soviet execution of a peaceful demonstration in Novocherkassk in 1962


Film “Dear Comrades!” Andrey Konchalovsky was nominated by Russia for the American Oscar. This was announced by the chairman of the Russian Oscar Committee Vladimir Menshov.

The selected film tells the story of the Soviet shooting of a peaceful demonstration in Novocherkassk in 1962. The main role was played by Julia Vysotskaya.

Konchalovsky himself has already commented on the news. According to the director, he is not sure that the foreign viewer will fully understand the film.

“It is especially dear to me that my colleagues – people, most of who were born under the Soviet regime, – appreciated this film. This recognition is very important for me, it means that I managed to restore the spirit of the era and, most importantly, try to tell about the inconsistency of the life of my dear comrades – the generation of our parents who went through the war, who defeated Nazism with colossal victims and rebuilt the country in the shortest possible time, – quotes Konchalovsky RIA Novosti. “A completely different question is how much this attempt will be understood or felt abroad … I strongly doubt it.”

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