How to Deal With Cellulite: Nutrition, Home Care and Salon Treatments

Cosmetologist and massage therapist Vladimir Yaremenko gives useful advice on how to get rid of the hated “orange peel”


Cellulite is a problem familiar to a huge number of women. “Orange peel” appears due to changes in the structure of subcutaneous fat. The cause of lip dystrophy is stagnant processes in the dermis, deterioration of blood circulation, and lymph outflow. Cellulite is not always a problem of age or of being overweight: both 40-year-old women and slender girls under 20 faces the “orange peel”.

Why the fair sex is more often faced with this problem? The answer to this question lies in the plane of physiology – in men and women, the structure of the subcutaneous fat is different, besides, the collagen frame in men is stronger. Hormones also play a role in the appearance of the “orange peel”: bumps under the skin can appear during periods of strong hormonal changes in the body – in adolescence, with various disruptions, during pregnancy, and during menopause.

Fighting cellulite is a complex task. Since only cosmetology cannot solve this problem without your direct participation. Anybody shaping procedures only work if you exercise and eat right. Therefore, when asked about the role of nutrition in the prevention of cellulite, one can unequivocally answer that it is huge, since the ability of cellulite cells to accumulate toxins, which we most often get from food, leads to deterioration in the appearance of the epidermis in the problem area. All this leads to the appearance of stagnant processes in tissues, problems with metabolism – fat metabolism due to the thickening and thickening of the cell walls. As a result, the “orange peel” becomes more and more visible.


Therefore, the first step in the fight against cellulite is to revise the diet. Fried and fatty ones should be excluded from the diet: fatty meats (especially pork), dairy products with high-fat content, smoked meats, sausage, chicken/turkey/duck skin, salinity, confectionery, sweets. Also, do not eat fast food, you need to avoid foods with the addition of monosodium glutamate, Trans fats (for example, mayonnaise is rich in them), sodium nitrite, and artificial colors. As for drinks, all kinds of soda, packaged juices, champagne, strong alcohol, coffee, black tea are prohibited.

A healthy diet is encouraged – these are low-fat meats (mainly poultry), sea fish. The priority is for steamed dishes in the oven, boiled meat, stew. Good results are obtained by the predominance of plant foods in the diet – seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is important not to overeat: the size of the meat or fish dish should not exceed the size of your palm. Do not forget about snacks: they can bring vitamins and microelements necessary for your skin to your anti-cellulite diet. For example, nuts are rich in vitamin E, low-fat cottage cheese, drinking yogurt – calcium and B vitamins, fruits – vitamin C.

The list of recommended products for the week to combat cellulite looks like this:

– Fruits: oranges, apples, bananas;

– Vegetables: carrots, tomatoes;

– Greens – lettuce;

– Meat: rabbit, turkey, chicken (breast), liver;

– Fish: salmon, cod liver;

– Dairy: kefir fermented baked milk, drinking yogurt, cottage cheese with a low-fat content;

– Rye bread;

– Wheat bran with kefir.


For the prevention of cellulite, you must strictly observe the drinking regimen (1.5-2 liters of water per day). Herbal teas, green tea are allowed, freshly squeezed vegetables (carrot, beetroot, cabbage, celery juice, fresh cucumber) and fruit (apple, orange) juices are welcome, dry red wine is recommended in adequate quantities (1-2 glasses).

Home treatments

Preventive measures include a contrast shower, the use of hard washcloths, and the application of nutrients. For exfoliating skin and massages, it is best to use crystallized honey, to which you can add sea salt, coffee grounds, or oatmeal if desired. With the help of home scrubs, you can effectively take care of your skin: get rid of dead skin cells, nourish and moisturize, maintain its tone. In addition, honey has the ability to deeply penetrate the pores, cleanse the skin, and at the same time, it helps to retain moisture.


I recommend adding hardware cosmetology to proper nutrition and home care to achieve a faster and more effective result: it can be cold laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and cry liposuction for splitting fatty tissue. To pump the muscle frame, you can try physiotherapy exercises, and my stimulation (microcurrent therapy), RF-lifting, Meso threads, structuring massages, and wraps are excellent for tightening the skin. In the complex, proper nutrition, hardware cosmetology, physical activity will help you not only significantly tighten your skin tone, but also get in good physical shape. And, of course, do not forget about anti-cellulite massage and LPG massage, which helps to use the deep layers of the skin, adipose tissue, and muscles.

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