How to Choose an Astrologer and Not Run into a Charlatan

Astrologer Katerina Dyatlova highlighted 11 points worth paying attention to


  • A good astrologer will not impose anything on you and even offer his own advice because he already has clients. You will find out about him either by recommendation (sundress), or by articles, videos, interesting answers on forums, and other useful activities that he carries out.
  • The demanded astrologer does not wind up likes, subscribers, and does not steal other people’s texts. The number of likes should be about 10% of the number of subscribers. Otherwise, it turns out to be of no interest to a real audience. It is easy to check the theft of texts – just drive a couple of sentences into Google and look for matches. If he is plagiarizing, then you will receive the corresponding text of the consultation.
  • If the consultation is written, copy any excerpt from the provided text into a search engine and check whether you have copied and pasted standard interpretations that you could read for free instead of an individual consultation.
  • An astrologer who is confident in his work and knows the rules of professional ethics, in case of dissatisfaction with the consultation, will offer to return at least part of the money. Feel free to ask him about it in advance – is this approach practiced.
  • A normal astrologer is tolerant, he has no prejudices about your personal choice, and he will not condemn him, much less recommend something from the position of his own worldview. If your choice is contrary to his personal ethics, he is obliged to refuse consultation without condemnation and imposing his ideas about life. If he did not, then he should be able to put himself in your place and navigate from him according to the horoscope, and not according to subjective experience.
  • An adequate astrologer is a shoemaker with boots: from his page you can understand that he is an accomplished personality and everything in his life is going the way he wants, thanks to the fact that he himself lives in the rhythm of space, using his own recommendations.
  • The astrologer is obliged to do rectification (clarification of the time of birth according to the past events of your life) – to provide a questionnaire for filling out, calculate the exact time according to the events indicated in it before proceeding to the analysis, or send you to his partner rectifier.
  • An astrologer should not pour only recommendations. First, he must tell about you, that is, state the facts that you can confirm, so that trust is established between you and you understand that the chosen specialist is on the right track.
  • If you are still in doubt, ask for a retro forecast: indicate in the rectification questionnaire the date without a description of the event and offer to tell what could have happened during this period (the event must be large enough), or, conversely, indicate a significant event and let the astrologer guess at least the approximate year of what happened.
  • An adequate astrologer will not intimidate you: if there are any indications of risks, he will convey them NOT in an overwhelming form, and he will definitely write recommendations on how to avoid them, and will not confront you with a fact, because any professional knows very well such a thing as choosing the right floor energy realization or compensation.
  • After consulting a good astrologer, you will feel a surge of strength and a desire to live and improve your life, and after consulting a charlatan or a vampire, your soul will be lousy, and the energy will require restoration (for your own money, you also gave a piece of your strength).

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