“He Was Great, Great and remained”: Diego Mara Dona’s Death Shook the Football World

The footballer was on a par with Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruyff.

Diego Maradona's death shook the football world

The legendary Argentine footballer and Coach Diego Mara Dona passed away today at the age of 60. On the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda (pakalert.online ), they said that this is a huge loss for world football.

Soviet and Russian football coach, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities, Valery Gazzaev, was very upset by this sad news.

“It’s very sad when such stars, football legends, people who personified the beauty of football, level, and skill, what we should strive for, leave,” the coach said.

According to him, Mara Dona is one of the greatest players to ever appear.

“His skill is comparable to that of Pele, Beckenbauer, and Cruyff. These are the stars of world football who have promoted the sport. Millions of fans watched these geniuses play. Therefore, the loss of such a player is always a loss, “Gazzayev said.

He said that the Argentine was an example for young footballers: looking at him, they were guided by this high sports level.

Honored coach of Russia, football expert, and commentator Alexander Tarkhanov also put Diego Mara Dona on a par with the stars of world football. According to him, even the fact that he has not played for a long time, as well as numerous scandals around his name, mean absolutely nothing.

“He has been a great football player all his life, he was, and he will remain. He was a super talented football player. Pele has always been in the first place and Mara Dona in second. Such people have always been known, and such people have always been remembered, “Tarkhanov said.

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