Diana Gurtskaya: “Having Been Ill With Covid, I Felt A Sense of A Certain Freedom”

The singer entered graduate school – details on pakalert.online


Diana Gurtskaya became a graduate student at the Moscow State University for the Humanities and Economics during the difficult period of the pandemic. Why the star suddenly needed to study again, she told pakalert.online.

“The fact is that for many years I have been dealing with the organization of comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled children. First at the Public Chamber of Russia, and now at the Center for Sociocultural Rehabilitation. I have accumulated a lot of material, collected the best practices from around the world and the development of experts. And colleagues at some point convinced me that it was necessary to systematize all this into research scientific work. And this, of course, requires new knowledge. This led to graduate school, – said Diana. – In general, I love to study and have been studying all my life. Today the world is changing so quickly, everything is renewing. Therefore, education is necessary for everyone and at any age. ”

According to Gurtskaya, her training takes place remotely, so it is not a problem for her to combine training and work. “All graduate students have a fairly free schedule and in the usual regime, so I’m sure I can handle it. The secret to juggling work and study is one – to plan your day and stick to that plan. Then everything will work out. Having been ill with covid, I felt, to be honest, a feeling of a certain freedom, because the everyday fear of getting infected has gone. Today I have tested for antibodies; I hope they will be high! ” – admitted the star.

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