“Couldn’t Interfere”: Batalov’s Daughter Accused Herself and Her Mother of Stealing Her Father’s Property

The thought that she and her mother had deceived Drozhzhin and Tsivin brought the girl to tears.

I was alone

The seriously ill daughter of actor Alexei Batalov reproaches herself for what happened to the legacy of the famous father. The other day Maria, together with her mother Gitana Leontenko, took part in the new issue of Russian Sensations.

As part of the program, it turned out that at one time Tsivin offered Gitana assistance with repairs in one of the houses. Mikhail swore and swore that everything would go like clockwork, and as a result, important archives disappeared from the actor’s house, the cost of which is estimated at several million rubles.

Alexei’s daughter Maria was almost the only one who stubbornly insisted that you cannot trust Drozhzhina and Tsivin. However, her mother did not listen to her, which is why this whole story happened.

On the air of the program, Masha admitted that even if she really wanted to defeat the scammers, she would not have been able to do it alone due to her disability.

“I couldn’t stop them, I was alone,” she cries.

Now the real estate story has escalated: Tsivin and Drozhzhina vow to return all property peacefully, but the investigation has already started.

“Gitana Arkadyevna, so that you are healthy. What else to say to the person thanks to whom I learned how good it is in prison. Thanks for the science. And Masha is in great danger, I think, ”- sarcastically thanks the widow Tsivin.

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