Cold and Tasty: How to Avoid Constant Thoughts about Food

And they visit us quite often


In the cold season, we most often spend timeless actively than in summer or even spring, in addition, as psychologists have found out; many people prefer to improve their mood in bad weather with food, which, naturally, negatively affects our figure. But what if snacking turns into an addiction? We tried to find out.

Get enough sleep

Most often, we feel hungry when sleep does not go, after all, after all, at least once, but sneaked to the refrigerator in the middle of the night? It’s all about reduced brain activity when it is difficult for us to control desires and the easier it is to agree with the inner voice, which literally makes us open sweet yogurt. Try to avoid situations where you have to sacrifice sleep – it is important for your figure.

Listen to your body

Another reason for the obsessive desire for a snack can be an experience that you “did not close”. As a rule, stress and dissatisfaction due to the events of our life can affect our body in a variety of ways – most often we “seize” problems, although, in fact, we create new ones for ourselves without solving old ones.


More protein

The feeling of hunger overtakes us more often if we have chosen simple carbohydrates and a dessert that is too sweet for breakfast – the body has quickly processed everything and asks for a new portion. The problem is solved quite simply, namely by adding protein food to your diet, which is especially important in the cold season. It is best to start with protein in the morning, so you can go without snacking until lunchtime.

Go for a walk

No, it is not at all necessary to go for a long walk – even 20 minutes will be enough for you for the feeling of hunger to leave you for the near future. The most important thing is to distract yourself from thoughts, turn your attention to something else, why not combine business with pleasure, and take your friend for a walk? Walking before bed will make you sleep better, and not raid the refrigerator.

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