Anna Tsukanova-Kott: “I Was Worried About My Appearance, Lop-Eared, but Then I Fell In Love with Myself”

The actress spoke about the path to herself, family, and husband, whom she met …, at the age of seven


Anna Tsukanova-Kott’s career began with the Yeralash newsreel. The fair-haired, funny, spontaneous girl was immediately remembered. Surprisingly, the very first shooting at the age of seven happened in the thesis of her future husband Alexander Kott. When she turned eighteen, they became a couple, and a year later, a son, Misha, was born. Today, Anna has seventy works under her belt. The audience fell in love with her Katya from the “Eighties” , and the heroines of “Brest Fortress”, “Major-2”, “Excellent pupils” surprised the young actress with sincerity and a wide palette of colors. By the way, she practically does not appear in her husband’s films, and if she gets there, then on a general basis, sometimes a surprise for the director. Anna told about this in the March issue of the Atmosphere magazine.

– Anya, you have been in Thailand for two months. What is the long trip connected with: is it just a vacation or something else?

– Relaxation and hot yoga! It is here in Phuket that my favorite teachers Simon and Tom teach. And I do it every day.

– What fascinated you with yoga and what does it give you?

– Yoga is now so popular that you can only hear it all the time: “the best yoga centers in the city”, “the best yoga teachers in Moscow”, “yoga for beginners.” But all this was not interesting to me, I didn’t get it at all and could not stand without laughing in the “face down dog” pose. I first heard about hot yoga from the singer and composer Oksana Grigorieva, who, being a mother of two children, boasts an ideal body, good skin, and proper posture. And I wanted to try, but I was afraid that because of the strong humidity and high temperature, my heart might not stand it or I might lose consciousness. Before the first lesson, I meditated, mentally prepared for difficult sensations, and promised myself not to be angry with my body if it could not stand it. When I came to class, it was already hot in the room. The teacher Simon entered the room. A radiant man of forty-seven, similar to the actor Robin Williams. I immediately realized that this was MY teacher. It’s like love at first sight. When the lesson began, I felt uncomfortable for about five minutes, I could hardly breathe, my head was spinning, my heart was leaping out of my chest, but I trusted Simon so much that I had no idea of ​​finishing everything and running away. Every day I was obsessed with the idea of ​​coming to class sooner in order to achieve better results. And soon from a plump girl in the back row, unable to keep her body in a triangle pose for at least thirty seconds, I turned into beauty number one. I was moved to the first row so that newcomers would look at me and repeat after me. I am infinitely grateful to fate for bringing me to this island. I met my teachers here and found something to do that makes me happy, flexible,


– Despite yoga, aren’t you tired of being in one place for so long?

“We not only spend time in Phuket, but also fly to Singapore, have fun, and see local attractions. Plus, I work a lot here. In February two of my new culinary videos “Eat Art” was released, I was engaged in editing and mixing of sound, and now I am writing scripts for new videos.

– With whom are you resting there? After all, the son goes to school…

– Almost all the time with mom and son. For a while, my husband Sasha also flew to us. So we managed to relax with the whole family. It was great! Yes, Misha has already started school, but here we hired a teacher who goes through the school curriculum with him and does his homework. So Misha will return to Moscow prepared and will not lag behind his classmates. Also on the island with me are my friends Alisa Starovoitova (founder of the Reforma acting school) and Anna Chapman (TV presenter and real spy). The girls are with children too, and we have a great time together.

– You are a risky and adventurous person. What do you think about extreme sports or just certain dangers: swimming far, jumping into the water, eating new and outlandish food, especially in unknown places in Asia?

– I have enough fears. I’m afraid to swim far, I’m also afraid of heights and insects, as well as snakes and strong winds. But I try to get rid of all phobias, so my spontaneity is an attempt to tame them. For example, I take a boat and sail into the open ocean, a film with a snake, and even sample insects on exotic travels. All this makes me a little stronger.


– You call yourself crazy, you say that you can leave the house for bread and end up in New York. Have your family members ever been angry with you for such surprises?

– Yes, I am very easygoing. And my “don’t sit still” feature is pleasant to my family. Thanks to her, we travel a lot. I don’t remember that at least once my spontaneous decision became the subject of a dispute or quarrel with loved ones. It seems to me that the life of people associated with cinema is in itself unpredictable. My husband also has a very busy schedule, today he is in one place, tomorrow – in another. And I am sympathetic to this. The main thing for me is to know that everything is in order with my loved ones.

– You have said more than once that you and your husband are very different: Sasha is reasonable, gentle, unhurried, and you are energy and unrestrainedness itself, and that your views on many things differ. Are there any collisions, misunderstandings on this basis?

– As practice shows, this is just the perfect combination! We are incredibly interesting and fun with each other; I always learn something new from Sasha. He is sixteen years older than me, and this difference is especially felt in the approach to problem-solving. If I periodically start to panic, then my husband treats everything with his head, he can quickly calm me down. I don’t remember that at least once we could not agree on the choice of the film that we would watch. This is despite the fact that Sasha makes a serious movie, with a lot of meaning for big TV channels, and I make frivolous, funny, and provocative videos for the Internet. Probably the most important discrepancy is in the manner of dress. I like stylish things, I follow trends, but he doesn’t care whether it’s a season or not, fashionable or not. He wears a sweater that he wore at VGIK. What new jumpers and cardigans I brought him! But most of all he likes that orange WGIK sweater. (Laughs.)

– Do you agree with your husband in matters of raising your son?

– Sasha is stricter when it comes to teaching Misha. It is important for him that our son studies well and does his homework on time.


– You became a mother early and are still very young, and your son is already nine years old. Are you more friends with him or are there times when you feel like a very responsible parent?

– First of all, I’m a mom. But a friend, of course, too, sometimes evens an accomplice. We often start something together, we love to cook and travel. If I understand that during the whole day we spent little time together, then I can take him with me to the shooting or some social event. He loves it very much and easily finds a common language with people. But in general, raising a child is a responsible task, therefore, subordination is also present in our relations. When Misha disobeys, I try to explain to him why he shouldn’t do this. We talk about the situation. In general, parents should show by example what is “good” and what is “bad”.

– Does Misha go to a regular school? And what else is he doing now?

– Yes, he goes to a regular school. True, there is a volleyball slope, but he decided not to do this sport. His choice fell on karate. And Misha is already the champion of St. Petersburg, Moscow, and even Europe … He dreams of a black belt. I am insanely proud of him. His entire room is hung with medals and prizes. Misha also goes to drawing and animation, and I also really like the way he takes pictures. This is definitely dad. Sasha’s photographs are highly regarded all over the world. We try to support our son in all his endeavors.


– Do you know his friends? Does he communicate more with peers or with adults from your circle, as you once did?

– Misha has many different friends. He has been friends with someone since kindergarten, and among them are the children of my friends, for example, Octavia, the daughter of Lera Gai Germanicus, or Danya, the son of Yulia Romashina. Misha is the real soul of the company. He mainly communicates with his peers, but adults are also interested in him. He has a good sense of humor, and he often surprises me and my friends with interesting information – he reads interesting facts on the Internet and then tells everyone else about them.

– So who is the leader in your family, even an unofficial one? Maybe Sasha is responsible for some questions, you care for others? And what household chores does Misha have?

– Of course, everyone at home has their own responsibilities. Sasha is engaged in electronics, technology, and light, changing a light bulb is for him. I cook, and Misha takes out the trash and sometimes even washes the dishes!

– How important is the material incentive at work for you and are you satisfied with your standard of living? Without which, for example, you could no longer live?

– The material component, of course, is important, but I have long ago decided for myself – if I don’t like the role, then I will not act. I appreciate comfort, beautiful things and, of course, with the current level of employment, I can afford something expensive. But for me, it is much more important that it matches my sense of style. I am happy to combine mass-market clothes with expensive accessories. Probably, I could not deny myself high-quality kitchen appliances, because I really like to cook. And, perhaps, the car should be good too. But in general, I am for a rational attitude to everything material.


– Could you be fully engaged in something other than the acting profession? I’m not talking about additions, which is your Eat Art project…

– Yes, I could! I dream of opening my own restaurant! I think it will happen one day. I love to cook very much. Food is my passion. I think I know as much about her as about cinema. Recently, I even thought about my own online cooking courses. It seems to me that in conditions of a constant lack of time, it is necessary to be able to quickly build a simultaneously tasty and healthy dish. By the way, my son Misha loves not only to cook with me but also to come up with new original recipes.

– Do your family members have gastronomic tastes?

– We all have different tastes in food. Misha loves dumplings and pasta, Sasha loves meat, mother fish, and I love vegetables. But for me this is not a problem, I cook different dishes for everyone, I like to do it. And we all love pasta in tomato sauce according to my recipe and baked potatoes. In general, I believe that the principle “we are what we eat” works one hundred percent, so I monitor the quality of the products. Actually, out of love for food and healthy eating, the idea of ​​my bright and unusual project “Eat Art” was born – a series of culinary videos based on my own recipes. I am proud to say that it has already been appreciated by viewers, journalists, and my colleagues in the shop. So, Milos Bikovich, Nikita Efremov, Aglaya Tarasova, Yang Ge starred in different videos with me. And I plan to involve famous actors in the filming. Today this is my main brainchild,


– You said that you came to the profession by chance, by the will of fate. But you grew up in an acting family…

– I think this is fate. Too many coincidences happened for me to start filming. There is no other way to explain it. I often joke that the profession found me on its own. I ended up in drama school only because it was near the house. There I was first selected for filming in a video, then in my future husband’s thesis, and after that “Yeralash” happened. Literally, after the first day of filming, I felt that acting is exactly what I want to do. It seems to me that the children who star in Yeralash are very open and liberated. In my opinion, the reason for this is the special gift of Boris Grachevsky. He has a very special atmosphere on the set. It is thanks to this project that I became free, purposeful, and self-confident.

– By the way, Grachevsky is often reproached for simply training his children and that all this has nothing to do with the real creative process…

– Grachevsky and Yeralash only helped me in my creative path. Boris Yuryevich is an amazingly talented and efficient person who truly loves his job. I am happy that I started with his newsreel. And I am proud of every story of Yeralash with me! It was there that I learned to take this profession easily. Because then lightness appears in the frame, it is more fun to work.

– By the way, why did you graduate from school as an external student at the age of fifteen, what drove you into adulthood?

– Filming … I did not have time to study. I was homeschooled, at times everything was not easy, I wanted to turn the page as soon as possible.

– Why didn’t you find yourself in the theater after graduation?

– I was not accepted. I showed up with my fellow students. But since I was shooting a movie, I was not very upset. But now I want to try myself in the theater. Looking forward to an interesting invitation! And I believe that one day the theater will burst into my life.

– Which of your paintings is most dear to you in terms of process and result?

– I was lucky with the cinema. The roles I wanted and the directors I dreamed of working with always came to me. I don’t remember ever agreeing to act in films just for money. I liked each role so much that it didn’t seem like a job to me, despite the difficult travel and flights.

– How do you feel about explicit scenes? Are you ready for anything if you understand that this is dictated by artistic necessity, or will you still resort to the services of an understudy?

– A candid scene is no different from any other, although, of course, it has its own characteristics. But I don’t know a single self-respecting artist who would completely refuse to participate in such scenes. There are different situations, but in general, everyone understands that this is work that needs to be done. In general, it should be noted that all explicit episodes are filmed very funnily. Therefore, giving them to an understudy means at least depriving you of positive emotions.


The picture “The President’s Vacation” appears on the screen. What did you find in her as an actress? Who is your character and were there any very bright or very difficult shooting days for you?

– “President’s Vacation” is a special job for me. Firstly, this is an intellectual comedy about the journey of not just anyone, but the head of our state. Secondly, this is a road-movie: all the shooting was very intense because it took place on the way. We drove from Moscow to Crimea by car. For the first time, I visited Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don, and we also sailed from Kerch by ferry. Voronezh is remembered for its largest body of water – the Voronezh Sea, as it is often called. Of course, this is not a real sea, but a reservoir, but the scale is impressive. Rostov-on-Don conquered with its hospitality and food. There I tasted real Cossack ear. Thirdly, this is a completely new role for me! I’ve never played a teacher. It itself was always rather in the position of a student. Although I confess, I really love English, I communicate quite freely and from time to time I try to teach him to others. (Laughs.)

– You also hosted the “Kings of the Day” program – though not on the main, but on the cable channel. How did you feel in front of the camera in a new quality?

– To be honest, I have always dreamed of becoming a TV presenter. The broadcast format is very interesting, the scenery is bright and positive, and so a good mood was guaranteed to the audience. I was usually visited by popular bloggers with a huge number of subscribers on social networks, and I fished out of the secrets on how to repeat their success. But it turned out that broadcasting is not so easy. I didn’t have a second to rest! But the experience is, of course, invaluable! I met a lot of very interesting people. She even made friends with someone.


– In general, you are a sociable person; do you like to be in the spotlight? Or in ordinary life, do you still prefer to go into the shadows and remain invisible for some time?

– I like to periodically go into the shadows. I need a balance between being the center of attention and privacy. My trip to Thailand is just an opportunity to switch and recover from a very active year. I love my culinary project very much because I do a lot of work on it myself. I like to retire and work alone. I even want to build a small studio at home where I can implement my ideas. But I also need teamwork. I am a very sociable person! I love to joke and lead people. Every person who works with me is a real diamond, my find. For me, they are all members of my family.

– Do you like to change and transform, or is all this just for the red carpet and photoshoots, which, in my opinion, you love very much?

– The transformation inspires me. All my videos are based on the fact that everywhere I have a new image. I myself am interested in seeing myself differently from the outside. I love changing hairstyles and hair colors. I like taking pictures and taking pictures. I’m probably a born fashion model. (Laughs.) But my height of one hundred and sixty centimeters never allowed me to do this professionally. Although to be objective, this is not so critical, in our time, individuality is more appreciated than any standards.

– How did you feel about your appearance in childhood and adolescence?

– In childhood and adolescence, I had complexes because of my appearance, lop-eared, worried that I was not tall enough … But over time I fell in love with myself and learned to emphasize my beauty. I realized that heels correct growth and I never hide my ears! And I really like them. They highlight my personality. I love myself the way I am. I love getting compliments from my friends and followers! They cheer me up and energize me. And I myself am not ashamed to say compliments. It’s so nice!

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