Alexander Petrov: “I Am a Naive Person and I Don’t Want To Be Different”

The actor asks his friends to arrange a holiday for him


Alexander Petrov will stay in Moscow on New Year’s Eve this year, although, in theory, he has the opportunity to go abroad. He told about how the New Year holidays will become for him.

“This New Year gives us a good opportunity to be with our loved ones, not to leave our hometowns, from Moscow, and to celebrate the New Year at home, because most people are trying to leave the capital for warmer regions. Of course, you can find ways, but this is a rather dangerous thing: you do not understand how and what will happen there? Should I do tests or not? What if you get sick there or something else happens? In such a nervous environment, why is this necessary? And then, it seems, this is a great thrill: to accept this situation, not to go against the tide, they say, but I will still go to Bali. There are some loopholes, for example, business visas, but it’s great for me that I can finally spend this difficult 2020 with my family and friends and meet the new 2021 with the hope that it will be much better than a leap year. … I hope everything will be fine, “said Petrov.

“I always make wishes at 12 at night: I just think about what I want to the chimes. And all this is coming true. And for 15 years already. I am a naive person in this regard and do not want to be different. I believe in Santa Claus. It seems to me that someday my friends will give me such a real one, on a sleigh, reindeer. I never had one, but through you, I convey this message. If one of my friends reads this, let him know: give me a real Santa Claus with reindeer and with all his retinue, ”concluded the actor.

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