5 Secrets of Family Life from Blogger Valeria Chekalina

In October, the famous Lerchek celebrated 8 years of marriage with her husband Artem and shared the secrets of family life with Pakalert.online


Eight years ago I said YES! And I say this now, but not so timidly as then, but shout to the whole world: “YES, my Chekalin!”

I haven’t regretted my choice for a day, even though I was then a little girl who had just turned 19.

We went all our way together: we grew up together, developed, learned to live, made mistakes, and achieved success. Know that my hand will always be next to yours, I will never let go of it for anything. Such a wonderful life lies ahead of us. I know that for sure.


What’s the secret?

  1. Happy family relationships where spouses know how to listen and hear each other. We talk, discuss, and listen to each other. You can understand any situation in different ways, but to decide how to continue to live, you need to act together, taking into account the interests of everyone.
  2. It is necessary to respect opinions and interests. For us, the main thing is peace in the family and mutual respect, and not only for each other but also for children and the older generation. We never have conflicts over trifles.
  3. Of course, laughter and a sense of humor in a relationship are some of the main components of a happy life. We laugh, joke all the time, it invigorates, gives energy. With jokes, you can survive any adversity. When people relate to life with humor and irony, it is easier for them to live.
  4. In raising children, adhere to one line. Not to play the good and evil policeman, but to live and raise children together. Help each other and children.
  5. Joint hobbies, goals are very important for the family. If the goals of the spouses converge, they get what they want faster. It is important to have a common hobby: Playing sports, some kind of tradition, hiking in the mountains or just going to the cinema on weekends, the main thing is to do it together and with pleasure.

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